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  • Setting a Trend in Electronic...

    Most people have heard of extended warranties and many have even purchased one or two or more in their lifetime.  Those who are familiar with them know they increase the price of the product a bit and can range from 1-3 years in extra protection. They also know that most retailers will offer these plans for each individual product. So. if there is already a plan in place to protect... » Read More

  • Dixon Lawn Care logo image

    Dixon Lawn Care

    Dixon Lawn Care has been providing Kalamazoo residents with the best lawn service and landscaping since 1987.  » Read More

  • Food Dance logo image

    Food Dance

    It’s no secret that local shopping is not only better for your community, but did you know that locally grown food usually tastes better?  Food Dance in Kalamazoo offers you a healthy, smart restaurant that not only supports Kalamazoo but the entire planet! » Read More

  • SignWriter & Serigraphics logo image

    SignWriter & Serigraphics

    This versatile company is actually the result of a fantastic combination of two companies who bring you a variety of services for all of your sign making needs.  SignWriter & Serigraphics offers you large format printing for banners, sign and digital murals as well as specialty signs in many forms like sandblasted cedar or routed sign foam.  You will also find all of your... » Read More

  • Fireplace and Grill Shoppe logo image

    Fireplace and Grill Shoppe

    For a fantastic selection of wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, Real-Frye gas logs and more, Fireplace and Grill Shoppe is the place to go.  Check out their huge selection of lanterns and gas lamps, gas grills and charcoal grills as well as their accessories » Read More

  • Central City Tap House logo image

    Central City Tap House

    Giving Kalamazoo a phenomenal selection of over 20 tap beers and 75 bottled brews, Central City Tap House is proud to be the pub of choice for Kalamazoo residents and tourists alike!  Nestled downtown in the heart of the historic Kalamazoo Mall, you will find a full-windowed, charming pub to enjoy hot food, cold beer and great company! » Read More

  • Vertex Computing Solutions logo image

    Vertex Computing Solutions

    For a premier Kalamazoo computer repair service who will get the job done, contact Vertex Computing Solutions today!  Do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns you may have.  Visit! » Read More

  • Expressions By Jan Guigue logo image

    Expressions By Jan Guigue

    We all have windows, and you either love yours or you don’t.  Expressions by Jan Guigue asks “why not love them?”  From blinds, shades and shutters to draperies and finishing touches, this window designer in Kalamazoo will help you discover the window style that will compliment your home and your own personal style.  » Read More

  • Bella Kara logo image

    Bella Kara

    When you walk into Bella Kara in Portage, which literally means “beautiful face,” you are taking a large step toward a more youthful and radiant you.  As a skin care spa near Kalamazoo, they want to help you feel good about the way you look!  With their skin care treatments, you’ll minimize your time getting ready in the morning and maximize your time enjoying... » Read More

  • Alfred E logo image

    Alfred E. Bike

    Serving South West Michigan for 40 years, Alfred E. Bike is the premier Kalamazoo bike shop!  With rock-bottom prices and top-quality items, this full-service workshop is the only place you need to go for any and all of your bike needs.  From brand new bikes to tune-ups to custom frame and wheel building, they can do it all! » Read More

  • Rykse logo image

    Rykses Restaurant

    Celebrating their 25th anniversary, Rykse’s Restaurant is a long-standing favorite restaurant in Kalamazoo!  Family owned and operated, the team at this traditional American eatery is dedicated to serving their customers with the freshest food daily.  You’ll taste the difference! » Read More

  • BailTek Cleaning logo image

    BailTek Cleaning &...

    Providing Kalamazoo and Galesburg with outstanding carpet cleaning services for nearly two years, BailTek Cleaning & Restoration has affordable prices you can’t find anywhere else!  » Read More

  • Seiverts Floral logo image

    Seiverts Floral

    Seiverts Floral is proud to showcase their stunning treasure chest of a showroom, filled with unique and stylish gifts for everyone you love! » Read More

  • Jaqua Realtors logo image

    Jaqua Realtors

    Jaqua Realtors is proud to be the frontrunner in real estate experience, delivering excellent services to families just like yours during this exciting time of finding a new home! » Read More

  • Metro Properties logo image

    Metro Properties

    Whether you’re a student looking for a place to stay near campus or a Kalamazoo resident, Metro Properties has got you covered!  Specializing in downtown and campus area properties, they are the company you can trust to provide you with a rental space.  From residential spaces to offices and retail spots, you won’t find better properties or service anywhere... » Read More

  • ACME Bedding logo image

    ACME Bedding

    When is the last time you updated your mattress?  Get a better night’s sleep tonight by visiting one of Kalamazoo’s top mattress companies, ACME Bedding!  Visit them online at to take advantage of their amazing pricing!  » Read More

  • B&W Charters Inc. logo image

    B&W Charters Inc.

    This Kalamazoo transportation company knows exactly how to treat a guest.  Whether you and your group are travelling to classic Chicago or the stunning Niagara Falls, you can be guaranteed that B&W Charters Inc. will give you a safe, enjoyable ride you will never forget! » Read More

  • Air Zoo logo

    Air Zoo

    Air Zoo in Kalamazoo is the “best place to spend a day with your family”!  With over fifty historical and unique aircraft to showcase to your kids, Air Zoo will never let you down!With a clear mission to “preserve the legacy of flight for present and future generations”, it’s clear to see why Air Zoo is such a thrilling aviation museum.  They... » Read More

  • New Addiction Tatoo logo

    New Addiction Tattoos

    New Addiction Tattoos has proudly been operating since 2002, serving Kalamazoo for a fantastic ten years!  Giving you first-rate, custom and unique tattoos that will stand the test of time, New Addiction Tattoos takes pride in every single piece of art they create.New Addiction Tattoos is also happy to perform piercings for you if you’d like.  Whether you want an exotic... » Read More

  • Sangha Yoga LOGO

    Sangha Yoga

    Sangha Yoga is good for the mind, body, and soulYoga is not just an exercise; it is a lifestyle, and at Sangha Yoga in downtown Kalamazoo, they embrace that lifestyle.  As Southwest Michigan's most reputable yoga studio and yoga teacher training school, Sangha aims to soothe the physical pain, stress, illness, anxiety, and depression that affect our daily... » Read More

  • Thorapple Creek Golf Logo

    Thornapple Creek Golf Club

    Thornapple Creek Golf Club is proud to be one of the most serene and secluded golf courses you will ever find in Michigan.  This allows you to play in peace with nature, enjoying your surroundings and your game.  This golf course is top quality with a fantastic layout for your enjoyment.   » Read More

  • Pinz Bowling Center logo

    Pinz Bowling Center

    Pinz Bowling Center assures a fantastic time for you and the whole family.  Unique, service-driven and very affordable, Pinz has truly solidified “the new approach to bowling & entertainment”! » Read More

  • Skakespeare's Pub logo

    Shakespeare's Pub

    Approaching their nine year anniversary of serving Kalamazoo residents and tourists, Shakespeare's Pub has a selection of new beer flavors to add to their phenomenal selection!  Beer enthusiasts can look forward to 44 new beers like My Bock, Lord T Ferguson, Snozzle Berry Griffen, ‘Merican Wheat and Wowee Zowee. » Read More

  • the montessori school logo

    Montessori School

     Based on the philosophy that children teach themselves, The Montessori School provides an individualized educational experience that will supply your child with the foundation they need for a lifetime of success and a love of learning.   » Read More

  • pine lake boat and motor logo

    Pine Lake Boat and Motor

    Pine Lake Boat and Motor has proudly been serving Plainwell and Kalamazoo families for over 80 years.  This full service marina has everything you can imagine for fishing, boating and various watersports on Pine Lake! » Read More

  • Kalamazoo Custom Kitchens logo

    Kalamazoo Custom Kitchens...

    Kalamazoo Custom Kitchens & BathsFeatured in Michigan Home and Lifestyle magazine, Kalamazoo Custom Kitchens & Baths is the impressive winner of 6 national design awards!  This innovative staff has the experience and passion to give you the home you’ve always wanted » Read More

  • Investing on Paper or in...

    The investing landscape has been a minefield in recent years. The stock market has offered little real return with increased volatility and risk as the Federal Reserve continues printing money and purchasing debt through its quantitative easing programs.  Bonds have been offering negative rates of return when inflation is taken into account. Real Estate prices have plunged to... » Read More

  • DeLano Farms Shares Now...

    Although summer seems like a million miles away with winter upon us, now is the time to secure your shares for the summer’s bounty from DeLano Farms. » Read More

  • Kalamazoo Valley Museum Free...

    Families with young children are always looking for a fun and free way to spend time together and have a great time. » Read More

  • Kalamazoo Nature Center...

    It can be hard to find fun things to do when it’s cold outside and chilly temperatures are upon us. One great idea for a fun day out is the Kalamazoo Nature Center, which offers family fun programming all year long. » Read More

  • Reasons to Consider Travel...

    Even with the best of planning, sometimes the unexpected occurs.  Before travelers embark on vacation, they should consider purchasing travel insurance to guard against these surprise events. » Read More

  • Population Leads to Job...

    As the job market expands, Kalamazoo companies need qualified workers to fill the newly created positions in these promising fields. » Read More - Featured Columnists
Finding Out More about the Kalamazoo Community
For visitors and residents of Kalamazoo, learning more about the city and the various goings on here is vital. Where do you turn for information...
 Things To Do
Things To Do
Things to Do In Kalamazoo, MI
For those venturing to Kalamazoo, Michigan, finding things to do in the city should present no challenge at all. There are many things to do in...
Finding Hotel Options in Kalamazoo, Michigan
The city of Kalamazoo, Michigan, is a tourist hotspot. Those who want to enjoy the watersports of the Great Lakes flock to the city, while bird...
There Are Numerous Restaurants in Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo is home to a wide range of diversions, from the Air Zoo to the Arcadia Creek Festival Site and much, much more. History, culture, art...
 Real Estate
Real Estate
Kalamazoo Real Estate Options
Finding a home in Kalamazoo is not terribly difficult. The city is quite large, and is closely tied to several other major metropolitan areas...
Shopping Options Abound in Kalamazoo
If you will be visiting the city of Kalamazoo, or moving to the city on a permanent basis, you will find an incredible number of things to see and...
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Academic Fair and Informational Open House
Academic Fair and Informational Open House
Tue - 2/09/2016 5:30PM
Parents interested in Paramount Charter Academy are invited to join us for our Academic Fair. Meet our teachers and staff and learn more about how...
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  • Stay safe

    You can only do so much to prevent disaster, but sometimes bad things happen and it's out of your hands, so what are you supposed to do to protect your valuables? Whether you are looking to protect heirlooms, guns, important documents or investments from fire and theft, a personal safe is a good choice for you. Keeping a safe in your home will allow you to keep your valuables secure... » Read More

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  • What Is Incontinence

    Few conditions affect the quality of life more than incontinence. It can negatively affect every part of life, but many of those dealing with its symptoms are reluctant to discuss them.  Since the condition is so limiting and potentially embarrassing, many cases go unreported every year, although significant advancements in medical science and technology can cure or control the affliction. » Read More

All about Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kalamazoo, MI has a long history, as the area was originally home to the Hopewell Indians. The modern city got its start in the late 18th century, and was originally home to fur traders. A prison camp was established here during the War of 1812, as well. After the British presence was removed, the city truly began to grow. In 1829, Titus Bronson moved to the area and subsequently platted the town in 1831, naming it Bronson. Titus was run out of town a few years later, in 1836, and the city took on its modern moniker of Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo, Michigan lies on the southwest bank of the Kalamazoo River, which has helped the city gain prominence over its long lifespan. The presence of the river proved highly beneficial, as it furthered trade, travel and even agriculture. In fact, the city is home to several other tributaries of the greater Kalamazoo River, including Arcadia Creek and Portage Creek. Geographically speaking, the city enjoys quite a few water-related venues, with the numerous rivers and several creeks within the city, itself. The nearby Kleinstuck Marsh is a watershed, but also a popular spot for hikers and birdwatchers.

The city of Kalamazoo, MI, has a population somewhat in excess of 77,000 people. The majority of the citys suburban population actually lives in Portage Township, to the south of the main city. Female residents slightly outnumber the male residents, as of the most recent census information, though not by an extreme amount. The median income for the citys residents is just over $30,000 per year for single residents, while families in the area have a median income of $42,000 per year. The citys nicknames include The Paper City and The Celery City. Kalamazoo is also home to several colleges, including Michigan College.

Kalamazoo County is also home to a number of major Interstates. I-94 serves the area, as does the I-94 Business Loop. Major US highways within the county include US Route 131 and Business US 131, which serves downtown Kalamazoo. Both M-43 and M-96 are also major arteries within the city. Red Arrow Highway (Old US 12) also runs through the area and is based on the old Territorial Road that ran from Detroit to Lake Michigan.

Visitors to the area will also find that Kalamazoo County is home to numerous other transportation options, such as Amtrak, Greyhound, the Metro Transit authority and an international airport (the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport). Hiking and biking trails are also widely available in the area for those who wish to enjoy the scenic countryside.

Kalamazoo Latest Blog Posts
Shopping for Everyone in Kalamazoo

There is absolutely no shame in wanting to check out the shopping opportunities that a new city has to offer. When I travel, I love to search out stores that I cant find at home and check out the fashions that might vary from region to region. With that said, Kalamazoo will not disappoint the discriminating shopper in the least.Whatever it is youre looking for, youll be able to find it....

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Kalamazoo Has a Rockin Nightlife

If youre visiting Kalamazoo for any amount of time, chances are that youll want to relax in one of the many bars and nightclubs that the city has to offer. Almost every one of the most notable...

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Golfing in Kalamazoo

If you are looking for the land of golf, then Kalamazoo is seriously the place for you. The city and surrounding area are home to more than ten four-star rated golf courses. Youll want to pull out...

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Roberts Development Group, Inc.
Roberts Development Group, Inc.
Steve Roberts the president of Roberts Development Group, Inc. has been building homes in the Greater Kalamazoo Area for over 14 years. Steve is...
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346 West Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
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Family Adoption Consultants
421 W Crosstown Pkwy, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
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Right To Life Kalamazoo
4200 W Michigan Ave Ste 203, Kalamazoo, MI 49006
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